• Resident Rumbler

    Around a year ago I set up a flagship YouTube channel called How it Should Be. HISB originally created and released WWE2K17 feature videos of Wrestlers, Titles & Arenas that people wished were in the game. During its first few months, the channel hit hundreds of subscribers, until one day it all just stopped... I went from almost 100 subscribers a week, to not even 1. I don't feel this was a lack of good content, but more of a recent change YouTube made to Wrestling content.

    In response to the poor figures, I rebranded the channel as a personality, and not a product, and as such Resident Rumbler was born. I began creating different videos on different topics, and eventually numbers soon began trickling in again. Unfortunately, the numbers were still far too slow for my liking. I waited 5 months to get 100 subscribers to hit a total of 1000, And at 1k, I changed tactics again, and I resurrected an old favourite of mine.

    See I was the guy that set the standard in bringing Rugby League to the internet. I was the guy behind the original Project Rugby League that saw almost 10k subscribe before Sky had its way with YouTube and got me removed. More so on that topic, PRL was dealt its final blow when it was brought down by a troll, the same troll who attempts to emulate PRL to this day.

     Rugby League was brought to the Resident Rumbler channel in a long awaited return to the genre, and so far in 2 weeks, the channel has jumped 300 subscribers and counting.

    The goal for Resident Rumbler is to amass subscribers by the thousands. It will be then, and only then that the channel can finally hit it's true stride and enter the bigger picture of YouTube.

    Charitable Work

    One of the other aspects of Resident Rumbler is my dedication to charitable work. I feel it is fantastic to see when YouTuber's come together to raise funds for charities all over the world.

    I am currently running a weekly charity marathon by playing various game series throughout the day. If you would like to get involved, please contact me through the contact page. And to read more on the charities I support, click here.