• The Invictus Files: Ridgewood - The Video game

    Ridgewood has sat as a restricted site, owned by a private organisation for some 20 years. Even local law enforcement are forbidden to step foot in the area.

    However in recent weeks, reports concerning the zone have flooded into the Special Task Force about missing persons, blood curdling sounds, and some witnesses claim they've encountered strange creatures lurking behind the perimeter fences.

    You are the commanding officer of an elite Special Task Force. Your team has been recruited into a black ops mission to infiltrate the Ridgewood site. You objective is to investigate the reports from the area.


    Ridgewood is primarily a single player experience, however development for a multiplayer portion of the game has been started.  

    For single player, a beautifully design story drives the campaign, which is supported by fantastic unique game play mechanics and features. Players will find themselves having to infiltrate the Ridgewood Restricted Zone in the dead of night, a torch your only beacon of light. As players progress, they will have to complete puzzles, collect key items and review a plethora of in game documents to uncover the true story of Ridgewood.  

    Players have to think about their every move, as who knows what may lurk in the eerie forest surrounding them. Players will have to defend themselves from potential attackers by recovering weapons found on site. But don't be too trigger happy, ammunition is seriously scarce.  


    Click on this link to view video and images of Ridgewood.


    Ridgewood will become available via ModDB in the near future. View the page here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-invictus-files-ridgewood