• The Phantom Concept

    The spiritual successor of the Ghost Night Events prototype program, The Phantom Concept is the next evolutionary step in our goal to produce a scientific lead paranormal documentary series.

    In 2012, a US based magazine specialising in Psychology, ran an article in which they released several survey results in response to paranormal encounters. It was stated that in 2009, 18% of Americans claimed that they had witnessed paranormal activity firsthand. This was referenced against a survey conducted in 1990, where only 9% of Americans had claimed they had witnessed paranormal activity.

    Using the data available, it was concluded that in 2017, it is estimated that over 21% of the 318.9 million US population will have claimed to have witnessed paranormal activity. If these numbers are to be believed, an estimated 63,780,000 people will have claimed to have witnessed something paranormal in the United States alone. Using this data against the world's population, which currently there are an estimated 7 billion people around the globe. There is the very real potential that if surveyed, almost 1 billion humans could claim that they have witnessed something paranormal worldwide.

    These figures simply cannot be ignored.

    Using a scientific approach and good old fashion logic, The Phantom Concept hopes to provide true evidence based answers to that age old question, do ghost actually exist?

    More Information

    The chances are that at one time or another, you will have seen a paranormal investigation television show. We are told that the investigators spend just one night in any location, comprised of around 8 hours, and then that is the end of their investigation. The results of this, is that we are treated to night vision cameras that may pick up supposed "Orbs", the odd "shadow" and maybe a few "noises". All of this is then made into a true circus show as the investigators run around like children, screaming at the top of their lungs, with the cameras constantly in their own faces. Well have all of that in your mind, and then forget about it completely. In The Phantom Concept, we will visit various locations multiple times for extended durations throughout the space of around a year. Whilst at these locations, we will experiment with various different scientific theories using the latest in investigation equipment. Sorry folks, there will be no Ouija Boards, no Mediums, no Glass Tipping and certainly no Séance's. Are we disputing the authenticity of these interactive activities? No we are not, but what we are saying is that they do not provide us with any hard scientific evidence.

    At every location we will have a set of static camcorders, and audio recorders that will film, and audibly record everything from multiple angles and locations. Our belief is that the more camcorders, and audio equipment that are left at different locations, can only heighten the chance of confirming, and/or debunking supposed paranormal activity. The idea is that we would like to remove the chances of, "Did something move over there, I wish we would have had another camera to see it better". Along with members of the team in active locations, we will also have a nerve centre where the static camcorders will be remotely monitored throughout the investigation. This way if anything is seen on multiple cameras, then a member of the team can be directed to that location with minimal delay. We will also have Web Cam Live Feeds for people at home to sit in on our investigations whilst they're happening. This is a first for any paranormal investigation team! Finally we will be using unique equipment which will see the very latest in Technology, and our very own custom Tech, such as what we call Cerberus.

    The Series

    The series will be split into several episodes that will focus around our investigations over the course of around a year. In each episode you will be presented with a detailed analysis of each location from the investigators, general public and specialists. You will also be presented with the evidence that we have secured, including its detailed analysis. We will also invite those who have had their own experiences to share their stories, and any evidence that they may have. This will also be analysed in great detail by the investigators and specialists. You will also be presented with a unique insight to the stories of the investigators themselves. As we have previously mentioned, these are something that should not be missed.