• Donations & the Hall of Fame

    Why donate? There is a simple truth about donating... it is a form of supporting someone, or something that you trust and believe in, and I have worked for years to gain that trust and belief from my peers. The road has been rough and it has been difficult, but it has been worth every second of the journey. I am an open and honest individual, and my long term goal is to be successful in my ventures, so that one day I can release quality products without financial constraints. The HoF for Donations is my way to immortalise you and your donations forever. Check out the HoF now to see your name, and where you are in the Donating ranks!

    Charitable Causes

    Goliath inventive as a whole supports various charities throughout the UK. We have hosted various charitable events in the past, and have recently moved onto charitable work through YouTube live streaming thanks to Resident Rumbler. Any and all donations to charity are welcome.

    Resident Rumbler - YouTube Channel

    The Resident Rumbler  channel is one man's journey to becoming a YouTube Hero. From streaming sports matches, to taking part in raising funds for charity through video game marathons, Resident Rumbler is a class act with lots of love to give. Please support RR today to keep the channel moving from strength to strength.

    The Invictus Files: Ridgewood - Video Game

    Ridgewood is a free to play video game developed by the same guy who has brought the Resident Rumbler channel to life. Ridgewood took 3 years of development and was created completely for free. Please show your appreciation for the hard work and determination by donating to the Ridgewood  development today.

    The Phantom Concept

    The Phantom Concept is an ongoing study into the world of the paranormal. Later this year investigators will start a year long journey visiting some of the most iconic, historic and haunted locations in the UK. Furthermore a new series will be launched on the Resident Rumbler channel documenting all things Paranormal around the world. Please donate today to support this amazing work being done by the same person who brought you Ridgewood and the Resident Rumbler channel.

    Legal bit

    Donations are never solicited, and all donations are final. If you would like to support, click the relevant donate button!