How to watch NRL & The RL World Cup 2017 with the Rumbler

Quick answer. NRL games = Donations needed to fill the swear jar.

Long Answer/explanation below:

Ladies and gentlemen, many of you have asked me to bring you the NRL to YouTube, and previously this was something I was able to do in a past life. However the ARL have clamped down, and clamped down hard on YouTube NRL content. Let's face it, YouTube is a bit of a wang when it comes to this stuff. Copyright claiming has become ludicrous at this point, and even if you hum a song, you get called a stealing son of a naughty.

With that said, I have already developed a work around to the Rugby League problem, as well as other rights issues... however it comes at a financial price for me to do, and that price can only be paid in the form of donations from yourselves.

Am I willing to set it up and do all the leg work?... Yes I am, and that's the key to all this. You wouldn't pay the BBC, then go film, edit and release the work for them would you. It is the same principle here.

In terms of what donations are needed, here is a simple breakdown of information for you. 500 People tuned in to watch Super League on Friday 8th of Sept 2017. If even 10% gave £1 each, then you would be getting NRL and more weekly.

I would also consider this, in the last 2 weeks, the Rugby League games I have streamed and uploaded have been viewed over 30,000 times... However you cut that figure, if 1% of 30,000 gave £1 each, the channel would hit the stratosphere. As much as everyone loves free things, someone always has to pay the piper somewhere.

All I can do now is leave it in your hands. I will continue the streaming of Super League, and I will continue to provide other content as and when it arrives.

It's down to you guys now. Hit that donation button now and get us towards the goal below.